Friday, June 24, 2011

Best Daddy Ever!

Sorry this is so late- craziest week ever! Getting ready for graduation at my preschool :)

Father's day was fun- we made a fancy breakfast for Daddy of gluten free french toast (because yes, majority of the time, my family eats like me with my crazy diet), turkey bacon, and yummy fruit

 Jessica & Izzy picked flowers for daddy- I love that Jessica found the biggest flower in the yard:
 Then we went to the WAP as is now our Father's Day tradition (we started last year)
Here are a few picture of Daddy & his girls:
Feeding the animals in the petting zoo.  Both girls were terrified and would just drop the food 2 feet ahead of the animals
 Watching the elephant show
 Finally trying to pose them, but I should have done it earlier in the day. They were distracted and tired and would not hold still!
 This obviously isn't the girls with their daddy, but kind of fun- the gorilla mama is holding her 2 day old baby!!!!  So sweet!
 Walking on the bridge, that Jessica had wanted to do forever, but we usually go under since we have strollers. So cute
After the WAP we came home and made fish tacos with fish that daddy caught, AND we made the tortillas from scratch! (I will post those pics later)
We have the best daddy and husband around!!!  

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