Saturday, January 9, 2010

A new decade

So, I'm assuming its because I have my hands full with the two girls, school, and work, but I didn't make the connecting that it was a WHOLE. NEW. DECADE until, um, January 2nd or so. Oops. Don't know how I missed everyone and their mother discussing this, guess I was just in my little world......
Once I figured that out, I looked back at the past decade. And WOW did a lot happen
Went to college
Left home for the first (to go to college)
Met some of my bestest friends ever
Traveled to Europe, Asia, and Canada.
As well as all over the country
Went on my first cross country roadtrip with out my parents
Choose my profession
Opened my own business! (in home daycare/preschool)
Met and married my fabulous sexy hubby
Gave birth naturally (no drugs! crazy, I know) to two beautiful girls
Lived in 2 of the most beautiful places in the country (in my opinion anyway) (Santa Barbara and San Diego)
Ran my first race
Had so many crazy experiences.

I know that I will never have a decade quite like that again. It was my first decade as an adult, but it was a young adult- learning so much about myself, life, people, the world around me.

Though I doubt I will do as much in the next ten years, I know it will be full of exciting new things- including watching my daughters grow and possibly extending my family more. Can't wait to see :)

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