Sunday, January 17, 2010

PoTD: Week 2!!!!

(Ok, so looks like my blog has turned into a PoTD blog. But whatevs, it works- you can obviously see what is going on in my life by them!)

Its been a fun photography journey thus far- I'm remembering all those things I learned about photography in high school (over 10 years ago! yikes!) and also learning how to use my dSLR. I'm still kinda figuring out what my exact purpose for doing the project is, but I think its to document my life, as well as push me more artistically as a photographer. But a majority of my pictures are just every photos with the camera setting on Automatic. So really, its more about me documenting my life right now. And since that is the purpose, I need to be in some of the pictures, too! So I won't have a rule of it has to be a picture I took, but most of them will be.
Thinking of posting some of my favorites on Facebook. I would do a flickr album, but I don't know much about flickr....... so right now they are in a Picasa album which I will try to figure out how to post on the side of my blog as well.
So yeah, thats where I am right now :)
Anyway, here are my PoTD:
01-10-10: REALLY behind on putting away the xmas decor (yay for nana's help!)

01-11-10: (the dates a palandrom) making izzy spinach
(LOVE my bebe food maker)

01-12-10: Izzy is so proud of herself standing up!

Now, I can't decide which picture to use 1/13
Love the "artistic" aspect of this one:
01-03-10: Breakfast, Izzy style

But this was more what was happening that day, that doesn't happen every day
The moments I guess I'm trying to capture
(did I answer my own question here?)

01-13-10: Izzy & Nana playing while mommy does the elliptical
(note, the shiny white in the lower corner is my people magazine reflecting the flash. Took the picture while working out. Obviously wasn't working out that hard if I could take a picture at the same time.........)

PoTD 01-14-10: Jessica decorating herself with her princess lip gloss
01-15-10: Pajama Day @ (preschool)! Ms. Kat working the griddles
01-16-10: Scrapbooking party at Kims. 3 layouts done!

I've been enjoying seeing some other PoTD on other blogs. Most people are much better photographers than I am. Guess I need to work on that ;)


  1. you are doing great with the POTD Kat!! I love the one of Jessica with the lip gloss...I had one of Maria at that age with orange kid lip gloss :)

  2. DSLR on Auto?! tell me it isn't so!!!! Come to my house for an hour and I'll teach you how to use it!

  3. :) Love your photos!! I have a really hard time sometimes figure out what to take photos of, too!! I don't want them to all end up being Miri!! ;)