Sunday, January 10, 2010

PoTD: 1/4 - 1/9

Yay! I've kept up my PoTD project for a whole week now! :) I Just took a photography class at Calumet, which inspired me even more. Here's to keeping it up the whole year!

The pictures:
01-04-10: First day of work in 2010. Izzy and her buddy Baby E. playing on the floor. I think this is my favorite shot so far. Love how Baby E is out of focus in the backround, and Izzy is so sharp. 01-05-10: Izzy feeding herself cheerios. She's been doing it about 3 days now

01-06-10: Not sure if this picture counts, since I didnt' take it- but I have to use it.
Jessica getting into mischief. Black paint EVERYWHERE

01-07-10: My favorite part of my job. End of the year tax/paperwork. BLAH

01-08-10: Outtake from Izzy's 8 month photo shoot
the outtakes are some of my favorite photos :)

01-09-10: playing with the settings in my camera at a photography class.
Took the class with Krissy & Lisa.
Thought this picture just turned out really cool. Just playing around with f-stop and apeture.
Very good refresher course for me- haven't used any of those things since high school, and with a film camera!

Anyone else doing this project? I'm thinking of putting them in a flickr album, but I dont' know much about it. Thoughts?


  1. this is my third year attempting to do it!
    i'm determined to finish!! ;)
    last year i did fine until the baby came then i got a ton of baby photos and then it tapered off...

    i made a facebook album, and i also have an album on my blog. i used flickr the last two years, though. it's nice to have them all in one place!

  2. Love "Baby E" ;)
    Playing around with the blogger thing...
    Really like your daily photo project, so cool!