Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Cuteness!

Easter morning was a very exciting morning in our house- the easter bunny had left eggs starting all the way upstairs!
 I was so excited that Izzy actually understood.  She'd look around for eggs, see one and say "MOOOR, mor eggs!" 

 I did Jessica's hair in this fun braids on top kinda scandanavian/Heidi style.  She wasn't too stoked on it
 But how cute does she look?
 Family picture!  Poor Izzy doesn't have enough hair to do anything but antenea on top of her head
 We got the dress Izzy is wearing for Jessica a few years ago, and then inherited a hand me down for Jess to wear this year.  Perfect!  Though the dress is only one size difference, so it was a little too big on Izzy and a little short on Jess.... at least they matched :)
 Oh, and don't you love the accessories that Izzy piled on?  Jessica' put on her special pearl necklace, so Izzy had to find somethings, too.  I love the purple hat her Auntie Anne made her :)
Hope you all had a Happy Easter!

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  1. Love it!! The girls are sooo cute!! And hey, I like the hair do ;)