Monday, April 25, 2011


I guess now its called the Safari Animal Park or some such nonsense, but to me it will always be the WAP (Wild Animal Park).  And I've only been a SD resident for six years, 
so I can only imagine what the locals think.
Anywho, just some fun snapshots of a recent visit to the WAP with the family
Posing on the Rhino.  Izzy refused.  
Maybe she was just embarassed that her mother climbed up on top like a kid would?
 Birds and monkeys up high.  I always love pictures of Steve holding our babies, so cute

 Cheesy cute girlies posing for pictures while waiting for our tram ride to start.
I was quite stoked that I actually got them both to wear their matching sweaters.
I'm a total nerd with the matching thing, but I love it
 Looks like Jessica is taking after her mommy! She snapped this picture of me & Steve
 I think the girls were more into their snacks than they were into any of the animals.
 I have so many pictures of myself and my brothers in front of the gorilla wall at the San Fransico Zoo growing up.  But the girls refused to pose.  Luckily Steve was more than happy to :)
 Love this.  Checking out the gorillas
 The first time we ever discovered the Kid Zone!  I love when they hold hands on their own

 You know we had a good time when BOTH girls pass out on the way home


  1. So fun! lol I think you girls are more mature on family outings than your brothers! Ready to come back to visit!!

  2. LOVE their little outfits for the zoo!!! So appropriate. =)

  3. yeah i don't like the name change! it's like when they renamed the del mar fair to, i think, the san diego county fair. nope! always del mar fair to me!!! ;)