Monday, April 11, 2011


I just spent the most amazing weekend in Napa with 9 of my bestest girlfriends- friends from all stages in my life.  Starting with a kindergarten friend, to a mommy friend I met just a few years ago.
  So fun to get all these fabulous girls together!  
We are all turning (or already turned) the big 3-0 this year, so we decided to celebrate with style.
We stayed a my friend Jackie's family time share (AMAZING place), did a day of wine tasting in a limo, a day at the spa, and then did a cooking class at our house!
Finished it up with some shopping in my favorite city, San Fran.
The weather was out of control gorgeous, and I had an absolute blast catching up with my girlfriends.  
We need to do this more often!
Here are a few of my favorite group shots:

 (Notice how we lined up by height? Cause I'm a nerd like that.)
Besides deciding I need a girls weekend away more often, I also realized that Steve and I need to do a weekend in Napa.
To all my besties who joined me, thank you so much, I had way too much fun. I love you all!


  1. Love it- looks like you guys had a blast!! where did you get that long green flowery dress? i love it!!

  2. Wish you could have come! Dress is from H&M, love that store! Just got it less than a month ago, bet they still have it :)

  3. That looks soooo amazing!! Greg and I are SUPPOSEDLY going to Napa someday with Ryan and Madison lol we'll see when that happens! So super jealous tho...glad you had fun!!!!