Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Floors!

So we used to have carpet in our family room area.
And they had just gotten disgusting.
Thats what happens when you have 12 preschoolers tromping on them every day for over 5 years.
Yeah, gross.
They needed to get replaced, but I decided that carpet in general is just gross (no offense to any carpet lovers out there!) and that laminate just made the most sense.  Affordable, easy to take care of, easy to clean, and looks good.
Then, some laminate flooring when on sale at Costco.
We were ALL over that
Then we found a dude to hook us up for installation (we didn't want to attempt it ourselves, considering neither of us had ever done anything like it) (after some drama with our original dude who was going to hook it up, and help with our yard, but then he fell off the side of the planet and yeah, thats basically the story.)
It was originally supposed to go in when we were camping and gone during spring break, but since dude #1 dissapeared and dude # 2 couldn't do during the week, it ended up being over 2 weekends sandwhiching my spring break.  The first weekend happened to be when I was in Napa.
So Steve was in charge of all the craziness of living in a house with the living room and kitchen under construction, 
AND  being the sole parent to the two girls.
It was intense for him, but he did it with no complaints
He's awesome :)
Anyways, I'm in LOVE.
And of course, as these things go, I now also need to redo the cabinets and the counters.  But since those are not necessary (like the health code violation that was my carpets. J/K. Kinda...) or cheap, its going to be awhile.
So here are a few shots of my floors:
 My favorite part is it looks like they're angled in the hallway to the bathroom because of the way the house is set up. Looks so cool!  (And they are a cherry color, not as light as in the pic below)
 Half nakid baby running on the fabulous new floors!

I'll post a picture looking into the kitchen soon.  Maybe.  But really, my counters and cabinets look horrible now.... Oh, and we rearranged the furniture in our family room and I've been slowly decorating it thanks to my friend Jessie's fabulous advice.  Will post pictures when its finally done.  Which at this rate will be in like 2 more years......

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