Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sorry folks!

So of course now my blogger picture thingy is being all weird now.  Le Sigh.  I tried
Thanks for all the kind words and emails, I'm glad you all care!  I also know the blog is the most fun when I post pictures, so I will figure that out ASAP.  Which may take a while.....
Another thing I am going to start posting are new recipes I've been trying.  I've been meaning to post for the past YEAR about my new diet: An Anti-inflammatory diet to get rid of migraines.  Its an insane diet.  I am now gluten free, dairy free, sugar (white sugar) free, red meat free, as my cousin says "Anything fun" free diet.  Its been a crazy ride, but its been working, I haven't had a bad migraine since last summer!  Its also helped me finally get back to my pre-baby body weight and I feel really healthy.   So anyways, I've been all over the world wide web looking up alternative recipes and I need a place to share!
So I will be doing that as well :)
Thanks for checking in, I will figure out how to get pictures back up soon.


  1. my mom is also on a gluten-free diet and it seems way harder to me than my personal meat-free diet. good for you for sticking it out! i'm thrilled it has had such great outcomes for you. amazing what food can do.

  2. It seems harder than it is- and I have contemplated going completely meat free/vegan since I'm already giving up dairy (in my opinion, the hardest part of the vegan diet!) but I love my eggs and my family loves meat. So we're red meat free for now :) I will be posting a lot of gluten free recipes you can pass along to your mom!