Saturday, August 8, 2009

At 3 months

(so the 3 month photo shoot did not go so well......)
Izzy is HUGE.
Trying to sit up, does not like laying down! she prefers tummy time over being on her back cause she can push up and do things!

Starting to grab toys

Really working on moving her arms. its pretty amusing to watch

Cooing all the time

Starting to laugh!

Gets the hiccups ever day

Super drooly! Like, she has to wear a bib to catch it all so her clothes don't get soaked drooly. Its awesome

Hair is thinning out, is it going to come in another color?

Has big blue eyes- Daddy calls them purple, or saphire eyes

Has a HUGE smile, and when she does that huge smile you can see the dimple in her left cheek

She also has a dimple in her chin

She gets those from her daddy

But she still pretty much looks like her mommy

Loves her big sister, smiles at her and watches her play. i can tell thats why she's growing so
much- she can't wait to join her!

Starting to let other people hold her besides mommy

Is wearing her all-in-one cloth diapers on the biggest size. at 3 months. this could be a problem....

Breastfed only- and only took like 2 ounces of breastmilk from a bottle once, when mommy and daddy went to a wedding

Is about 20 lbs. SOLID

Used to like using Mommy as a pacifier,but since we've moved her into her basisnet she is

FINALLY taking a binky when we lay her to sleep. This just started like 4 days ago.....

Sometimes her fingers work, too. Its the cutest thing to see her sucking her thumb when she's sleeping- just precious! I would love to take a picture but will NOT risk waking her up

Has been sleeping in her bassinet for the past week. Goes to bed around 6 and gets up between 2 and 5. She once went 10 hours, it was amazing!!!!!!!

Usually takes 3 one hour naps. One day she took one 3 1/2 hour and one 2 1/2 nap and mommy was very very happy. Wished it happened more often

In about 9 month clothing

Can raise one eyebrow (another thing she got from daddy! see, she is his! ;) )

Rocking the cloth diapers. our favs are the bum genius pocket dipes. all in ones are cool, too, but take soooooooo long to dry

Such a super happy baby (when mommy is holding you especially) and so glad that the colicky part is over

Mommy, Daddy and her big sister Jessica love you soooooooooooo much!
a few more pictures from the photo shoot. apparently I choose a time when she was uncharacteristcly (is that even a word?) fussy

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  1. Omg what a CUTIE!!!!! Seriously, so cute! So theres hope that the colicky stage doesnt last forever??? Its sooo tough!