Thursday, August 6, 2009

My favorite Wedding memories

So, to spare you all for solely lovey-dovey mushy stuff, here are a few of my favorite wedding memories:

the bridal party walking in to "Roadhouse Blues" by the Doors and us making our Grand Entrance to "Lets get it STarted" by Black Eyed Peas

My maid of honor getting mad that I didn't throw the boquet at her, when in fact I did- she was just too Inebriatedto realize it(the little girl behind her caught) and then her asking me to help her find her purse as I was leaving- luckily my mother in law saved the day, and helped her so i could go get my honeymoon on

My friend Amelia saying something incredibly inappropriate but oh so Amelia to my friend Patty's then boyfriend. Oh goodness, still makes me laugh

Steve's friend James telling my dad he was Steve's cousin as they did a little do si do

The flower girl hissing at the ring bearer "Jordan, get over here!" with her little 3 year old lisp as they walked down the isle

My friend kara spilling RED WINE on my dress during cocktail hour, but really not being that mad about. It was the happiest day of my life (at that time) and I wasn't going to let that ruin it

My grandma taking a shot of tequila with bobaleen! (still not 100% sure if i believe that)

Our first dance to Better Together by Jack Johnson. We did a Rhumba.

The guest "book" was actually little squares of fabric that my mom made into a quilt for us
We also had them sign a frame, and its hanging in our bedroom

My veil getting caught as i turned down the isle and Bob yelling "surprise!" and it made Steve roll his eyes and smile- I think it made him less nervous

The birth of Rasputin- the mans' dance

All the guys really getting into the garter toss. Rob did a Michael Jordan jump and caught it. We later explained what catching the garter meant. All garter tosses since have been much less exciting......

My dad telling me a super corney joke so I wouldn't be nervous

Being soososososos excited and nervous, but it being the most absolute perfect day of my life :)

Can't believe its already been four years since that day!
Two beautiful baby girls later ;)
Super excited- tonight Steve and I are going on our first date night
Since Izzy was born! WOO HOOO!!!


  1. We are like couple twins.. we just had our 4th anni and have the 2 little girls.. SO CRAZY!!! Happy anni! And love the AUg blog header!