Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Highlights

We had a pretty mellow, low key weekend. Just the kind I love :) Thought I share a few of my favorite shots

We celebrated both of Steve's parents bday's on Saturday night. So I had the girls where their matching watermellon dresses
Yeah, Izzy is starting to go bald.........
Jessica would not pose for a picture
FINALLY got her to kinda pose:

love Izzy's expression
We made an awesome dinner, starting with Caprese poppers (don't you love the name I made?) All ingredients fresh from the garden, except for the mozarella balls of course
I also made a zuchinni pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting- AH MA ZING! Found it on the Pioneer Woman's website. Click here to see the recipie.

Sunday we went up to the park. Put Izzy in some stylish shorts

It was Izzy's first trip to the park! So of course, had to put her in the swing. These pictures just crack me up

Do you notice the big wet spot on her shirt? Yeah, its from her drool. That is a LOT of drool...

Jessica LOVES the swing

Daddy and his two girls at the park

This picture just cracks me up! You can see her drooling, and her expression is saying "Seriously mom? A picture now?"

Don't you love Jessica's hot shorts? And how the one strap is falling off her shoulder? She was explaining something to us about her purse, she filled it full of random not really park appropriate. Whatevs. She was taking it out to share with another little girl who was there- it was really sweet. Not something I'm used to with Jessica.....

When we got back from the park, Izzy took a short nap, then Daddy read them a story

Izzy has also been enjoying her new excersaucer toy. She LOVES it! Jessica also loves it, and we have to constantly remind her that its Izzy's and to play gentle. Here she is doing ring around the rosie, pulling Izzy around in a circle (the seat spins). She was actually being gentle and sweet!

We decided to try Izzy in the big bath with her sister. Since Jessica did not nap alllllll weekend, we knew it was going to be a early bedtime for her. So, we decided that they could try bathtime together! The first of many, many baths together I'm sure ;)

Izzy liked it. She wasn't sure at first, but once she realized it was water she was happy :)

I love love loooooooooooooove mellow weekends that don't feel jam packed, and I get to spend lots of quality time with my hubby and my girls :)


  1. So I gotta say...I love that Izzy looks kinda silly in jean shorts like miri does!! They get all hiked up...and are all big from the cloth diapers. So cute. ;)

  2. Jessica must need a break from taking Izzy is starting to look like you. facial features that is not the rolls!!!! i've been lazy but i'll be posting some picture by the weekend on my blog.- Jakayla