Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Help me figure these out......

I get daily emails from Baby Steals. Its a website that has a "steal" a day on baby items. Some necessities, like the moby wrap or slings or diaper bags, but mostly just cute, frivilous things. Shoes, socks, blankets. And some things sell out right away. So, you kinda want to check the site as early as possible for the "steals."
Today the steal is for BabyLegs NotSox:

Basically, they're like leg warmers. And I just don't get it. They were SOLD OUT. With in an hour of being posted. Seriously, I just don't get the big thing with these. I guess they look cute on:

But really, how are the different than tights? Or leggings? I know they're super trendy and will be gone soon, but can someone please explain to me why they are so trendy now?

Thanks :)


  1. I think it's mainly for crawling age? so the knees aren't black...but then the cute legs get black...hmmmm, just a trendy gimick to make you spend money =) Like beanie babies! LOL

  2. I bought two sets...the top two. ;)
    Miri's got a couple pairs of baby legs now. They are great because they keep her legs warm and I don't have to constantly be taking her pants off to check her diapers. Plus, they're stinkin' cute! ;)