Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jessica at 2 1/2

(Jessica trying to show how old she is with her fingers)
So, Izzy's 3 month bday falls on Jessica two and a half bday! Apparently 8 is the number in this family :) Just like 17 was the number in my family (my brother Chris and I were both born on the 17th of our respective bday months. I alwasy thought that was cool, and now think its cool that my daugthers have the same thing!)

Jessica is quite the 2 year old!
She can spell her name, and can recognize a few letters
Can count to 20 pretty much strait, adn can count to 10 in spanish!
LOVES to sing, and I'm amazed at how quickly she picks up words to songs! She really just has to hear it once.
She does not nap anymore. I'm really really hoping its a phase, but this has been going on since before she turned 2 and was still in her crib! She still has quiet time though, and on the days she doesn't nap she'll go to bed at 7 and sleep till 7 or 8 the next am!
SHe's been taking
swim lessons and loves it, but still isn't too into putting her head under water
Had her first
big beach day where she played in the waves and really loved it
Has a bazillion best friends, she's a lucky gal
Loves to play tea party and dress up
She's quite girly
She changes her outfit at least once a day
Is 99% potty trained. But she likes to have pee pee accidents whe she's on a time out. Convient, no?
Still has to wear a pull up at night, but she did wake up one morning dry
Loves to look at books and have them read to her
Her favorite color is still pink
She loves The Little Mermaid, Dora, and all things princess.
Is a definite two year and loves to push bottons. Time out is a pretty regular activity for her =/
She has become a huge daddy's girl, especially since Izzy was born.
She is really shy
But once she opens up she LOVES being the center of attention
She's got a great sense of humor
She's in mostly 3T clothing, about 34 lbs
Drives everyone batty with the no napping induced temper tantrums for no reasons
But man, does she know how to justify things!
She's getting used to the Big Sister thing, and for the most part- I think she likes it ;)
One thing is for sure, her Mommy, Daddy and baby sister LOVE her so so much!

More pictures from the photo shoot attempt that failed:


  1. great! everyone needs a sister. do you make those cute hair things?

  2. i wish i did! i just put already made clippies (the flower one that izzy is wearing is from Etsy, and the one jessica is wearing is from target) on to headbands that are made for it. if we have another girl i think i'll start making them.......