Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Being Your Mom means

I wrote most of these the end of July. Crazy how much has changed already!
i am always covered in spit up my favorite time is watching you wake up and stretch your chubby little arms
your smile melts my heart
watching your sister giggle and squeal over you and give you kisses melts my heart x2
i can see glimpses of myself in your face
my back always hurts
i get to listen to your sweet baby talking and coos and imagine what your voice will sound like when you begin to say words
i'm the one who has to make sure you are washed and clean between your rolls (including your cankle rolls!)
keeping up with your clothing size! its hard to be organized!

i'm imagining the woman that you will one day grow up to be, but wishing you would stay this precious baby girl forever.
could stare into your eyes all day
know that this is already going by too fast

love you, baby girl