Thursday, July 16, 2009

Best Invention EVER (for a new mommy who's making baby food that is)

find it at williams sonoma here

Best thing since sliced bread. I got it as a baby shower gift from a few friends- it was one of the four things I wanted for Baby Dos. And I got it. And I LOVE it.

That was a few months ago (whoa, does time fly or what?!) I wanted to try it out when I got it, but was too pregnant and toooooo tired.

So now, even though Izzy won't be eating for a few more months, I decided to take advantage of all the apples we have growing from our apple tree: Fresh, homemade applesause. I opened up my BabyCook, read the instructions, diced up 2 apples (super fasy & easy with an apple slicer), poured in the water, steamed it, then blended it and viola! Best. Applesause. EVER. And SOOOOOOOOOOOO easy to make!!!! Only one thing to wash up, and enough applesause to last a week for a baby.

Yummy, homemade baby food :)

I love making baby food. I love the idea of, I love doing, and most of all- I love that I know exactly what my baby is eating. I made all of Jessica's baby food using this:

find it on here

It really was So Easy. And fun. And I felt like super mom when I did it ;) It was an easy idea of cooking food in the microwave, then blending it up, then freezing it in ice cube trays. It really only took a little bit of time, and I loved it.

I continued to make baby food purees to hide in Jessica's food a la Jessica Seinfield, but started to get weirded out by doing my cooking in my microwave with saran wrap (all the BPA stuff, and really, it just doesn't sound like the best idea). So when I saw the BabyCook by Bebea I knew I had to have it for when we had Baby Dos! (by the way, I played around and you can still do the cooking in the microwave, but with papertowels instead of saran wrap).
I still use the So Easy cookbook for the recipies, and also reccomend it to any parent who wants to make their own baby food. A combo of the cookbook and the BabyCook (which doesn't come with many recipies or info on what to cook) is perfect! Throw in the Deceptively Delicious cookbook and you're set.

So right now I'm pretty stoked to start making baby for for Izzy. I already know that she loves her food- being 17lbs and all. ;) I swear whenever she's awake all she thinks of is eating/nursing. Can't wait until I can introduce this baby food to her!

I need to send a HUGE thank you to my friends Courtney, Alexa, Rema, & Danielle for getting the coolest gift ever to me. THANK YOU!!!!!

And sorry for no pictures of me using it. Maybe another time. Stupid computer/camera problems again! As much as I love technology, it really drives me crazy..........)


  1. I am so glad you love it :) It looks awesome!!! Congrats again on the arrival on Baby Izzy(still need to meet little miss), I can't believe how fast time is flying!!!

  2. I've been eyeing that up. I just don't know that Justin will go for the high price tag. But maybe if I make him read this post... ;)

  3. So I just exclaimed, I have to have one of those! No, I'm not even close to pregnant and yes I'm thinking ahead, but I think I may have just given my boyfriend a heart attack. Hahaha.

    That is seriously the coolest thing I've seen yet, Kat. You are a super mom!

  4. my friend in Hawaii LOVED this so much that she couln't resist mailing it to me to borrow! i'm excited!

  5. Ok... I'm drooling now... I want one! umm... better work on the baby thing first I guess?