Friday, July 17, 2009

Swim Lessons

Jessica started swim lessons last Saturday with two of her best buddies. I was nervous with how she would do, especially since both of her friends had a lot more time clocked at the pool than Jessica ever had!

Jessica did awesome. She LOVED the water and was laughing and giggling and splashing with her friends the whole time. She listened really well to her teachers. Which was great, I want her to do well for others, but I was kinda sad that she didn't even look back at me when they walked off to get ready for the class. I actually kinda wanted to cry. I have an in-home preschool because I wanted to stay home with my children and be their preschool teachers. So I'm with her every. Single. Day. And I love it. So seeing her with another teacher made me sad and happy and confused and proud and a big jumble of emotions. My baby is growing up!

And this is just for a 45 minute swim class I get to sit and watch the whole thing.
What am I going to do when she goes to kindergarten???

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  1. aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww and what about when you send her to stay with uncle greg and auntie anne for the summer? lol we're coming soon!!