Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Health and all that jazz

I've been a little frustrated lately
I feel like, through out my entire 20's, I've been constantly counting calories, watching what I eat, working out. I'm tired of it. I want to enjoy food and not be worried about the calories. I want to make healthy choices and take care of my body, of course, but I don't want to feel guilty if I have dessert. Or even if I decide to have seconds. I have worked very hard to lose all the baby weight, but it really feels like I've been constantly counting calories, wondering how many calories I burned in that work out, when will I finally hit my "goal" weight and be able to relax- since Jessica was born. I'm tired of it. So I'm trying something new :)
Making some changes. Along the lines of me being healthy and taking care of myself, so that I'm sure I will be around for my grandbabies and great grandkids, I also want to work on living a life commited to being green and taking care of the planet. So those great grandbabies? So that they can live long, healthy lives to, on a planet not destroying itself.  I am not going to label what I'm doing, just say that I'm making healthier (for myself and the earth) life choices. I am trying to eat a more raw, plant based, vegan diet. I am by no means giving up meat, or animal products, but I believe for the health of myself and of the planet- I really don't need to have animal protein every day. Shoot, even every week. I can get everything I need from plants, and if I commit to eating mostly organic, locally grown produce, I'm helping the planet as well. And from what I've researched, this should also help with my ridiculous sweet cravings (getting enough minerals and vitamins through fruits & veggies) and help me hang out at a place I'm happy with, not having to worry about calories in and out.

I realize this is a total, random change from anything I've blogged before. But I plan on sharing recipes I've tried (and I have found some amazing ones!) and hoping to get some encouragment from any of you out there with similar values.

Wish me luck :)


  1. Good luck! I just started a trial for a CSA. I'm pretty stoked. They do eggs and other stuff also so that should be awesome!

  2. can't wait to hear your recipes and discoveries!