Friday, August 12, 2011

Camping at the Beach!

For our end-of-the-summer vaca (!!! how did summer go by so fast??!!!)
This time at the beach
And only for one night
It was a quick trip, but oh so much fun!
Izzy & Jess set up "camp" while we set up the tent
 Then we got our suits on and headed to the beach to play in the waves!
The girls busted out their model poses for me
They are destined to be on America's Next Top Model, dontcha think?
 When we got back, Papa & Uncle Chris arrived in time for s'mores and dogs!
(thats the nice part about camping at the beach, its only 20 minutes away so we can have peeps visit us)
(AND help us out by running to the store for pull ups and motrins. Oops, forgot those things.... Thanks Papa for saving the day!)
 Uncle Chris was kind a enough to take some pictures.... of his foot....
 Then we roasted some dogs for dinner
 Izzy took a potty break (and apparently told a scary story)

 LOVE this picture of the girls and my dad. They love their Papa!

 Did I mention that we went camping on our 6 year wedding anniversary?
Exactly where I was hoping we'd be when we got married
(With 2 beautiful children, happy & all that, not necessarily camping on the beach.  But that was a bonus!)
 Best part of camping (in my opinon) S'mores!
 Mmmmm, I love me some roasted marshmallows :)
 Uncle Chris read them a bed time story while we cleaned up after dinner, before he and Papa took off

 The next morning we made a yummy egg taco breakfast, Jessica helped clean up
 We headed to the beach one more time. I swear Izzy had fun. She's just pissed off that she's getting too big for us to carry all the time.  Just LOOK at that drama face!
 This picture I LOVE- set the camera on self timer and we went frolicking in the waves. Hilarious! My feet aren't even touching the ground!
 Came back to camp, had a quick banana party snack, packed up and went home
We were pulling into our driveway by 10:30am. Love how early we get up when camping.....
Steve and I will be going camping with some friends for his 30th bday in early October, but thats probably it for family camping this year.  We had so much fun, hoping the girls did too, and can't wait for next years trips!

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