Friday, August 26, 2011

Izzy's swim lessons!

Swim pictures aren't the most exciting, but its still something that is going on at the Post household!
Jess is taking swim lessons Tuesdays and Thursdays with some of her preschool friends
Izzy is taking a mommy me class on Saturday mornings :)
They all look so cute in their suits
My goal is to have Jessica pretty much swimming by next summer (for our trip to the midwest to visit family, where pool parties and trips to the city pool are a big part of the day!) and Izzy at least putting her head under.
After this mommy me course is over, she's going to go to a big girl swim class all by herself! (and other 2 year olds, of course. Just no mommy!) It will be her fall activity while sister is in soccer.  Oy, I sound like such a mom saying that....
I haven't gotten any of Jessica swimming because the lifeguards are total sticklers and won't let me get close until the last day. Then I can take all I want. So everyone will have to wait to see those.
Izzy and I in pool
 Blowing bubbles
 Dunking under water. She wasn't very happy about that....and look at me totally smiling. I'm mean.
 The best part is being popcorn!
 Well, I think the best part for Izzy is getting to eat a snack at the end of class....

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