Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jessica is playing soccer!

Jessica just started her first season of soccer!
I'm so proud of her :)
And I for sure have the potential to become a psycho soccer mom. I was cheering like crazy!
Her team is the Dragonflies (side note: the team didn't get to pick their own names. When I was a kid, that was one of the best parts! Was that just where I lived, or is this a new thing?)
AND her team colors are magenta & black.
How perfect?
 Izzy is her number one cheerleader- if she has enough snacks, of course

 So cute to watch her run around- she actually looks like she knows what she's doing!
This is right before she scored her first goal!

 One of the best parts- half time fruit breaks :)
 LOVE this action shot. Totally crop it close so you could see her expression- priceless! And she didn't even cry, just got back up and kept playing. Atta girl....
 Her and coach
 Scoring her THIRD goal! I know! Considering, in all four years I played soccer that I NEVER scored a goal, I was pretty darn impressed. And proud. Don't matter the fact that the girls have no idea what defense is (oh, she has the ball now? thats cool) and they don't even keep score.....

 And she fell on the dirt right at the end of the game. This led to some tears....
 and a pep-talk from Daddy
And then all was good.
So much fun, I'm loving this soccer thing. Though it is crazy juggling her soccer practices and games, and both girls swim lessons. They're also only four and two- and we want another ???- so its just the begining.....

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  1. GOOOOO JESSICA!!! lol you would not believe the proud look when I showed Greg :) so cute!