Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Can anyone out there in the internet world, Please PLease explain to me why anyone would ever paint there beautiful suburban home's roof BRIGHT BLUE?????

Its been this way a few months now. So its not a temporary thing. And now, we don't have an HOA. I just don't get it. Can anyone help me out?


  1. Maybe you could throw some paint up there that is a good color and they might get the hint?! Just don't get arrested for vandalism! It reminds me of this house on the way home from work that is the brightest, grossest blue and I was wondering if it could be reported as an eye-sore and too distracting for drivers so they would have to paint it another color? You could try it at that angle?

  2. It looks like a Culvers! Go see if you can get some cheese curds and a shake!

  3. to match the sky???? must've been a midlife crisis and instead of changing jobs or cheating on spouse, they went insane and painted the roof...