Friday, May 13, 2011

Few of my favorite Foods

That are gluten free, sugar free, dairy free- of course!  Also soy free and red meat free, and no shell fish, but minor details. Thought I would make a list for future reference, if anyone wants/needs to go gluten free.
Anyways, here are the staples that I love

Bread- Udi's  located in Colorado
Cookies- Pamela's Chocolate Chip Chunk
Cake- Again, Pamela's white cake mix .  On the side there is a recipe for the BEST upside down pineapple cake. YUM.
So yeah, Pamela knows whats up when it comes to baking gluten free
(she also has some premade cookies, which are ok, but not even close to as good as her mix. I think they're a little too cakey/fluffy.  I like crisp solid cookies. I don't understand the mix and the premades are so different, but I've generally always liked her products)
And of course, if you have time to bake, the fabulous flourless chocolate cake with berries on top!
Almond milk.  I prefer their non sweetened vanilla (only 40 calories!)
Pasta- I haven't eaten that much pasta, trying to eat less processed food in general, but when I have I just grab whatever at Sprouts.  There hasn't been THAT big of a difference from brand to brand, but I know that I like Tinkyada
Crackers- I dont' eat crackers that much, only with cheese really, and since I don't eat cheese, well- yeah.  No more crackers for me!  The only time I would eat crackers would be to nibble off of the kiddos plates/snack (which was not good for the waistline).  But when I have wanted crackers, unless I make my own, I like the Glutino brand.

Those are the basics for now!

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  1. Wait- you don't eat cheese???!! Since when!!!