Sunday, May 8, 2011

Isabella Johanna is 2 years old!

At 2 years old, Miss Izzy J. is

HUGE, already wearing 3T clothes.  She and Jessica can already swap clothes....
About 32 lbs, in the 90th percentile for both height and weight
A total comedienne.  Loves to make the whole family laugh every night at the dinner table
Totally potty trained, until she decides shes not.
Ridiculous- and the best tantrum thrower ever
Loves to be held.  Which is hard on the holder, because she IS pretty heavy
A total cuddle bug
A mommy's girl AND a daddy's girl
Loves her big sister, always wants to know what Jessica is doing
Has the cutest little lisps and says the funniest things.  I'm loving listening to her talk and tell stories
A big fan of Elmo, even though she doesn't really watch him on TV.  Not sure how the obsession started....
Loves the color blue. And pink. And red. But I'm not sure how many of them she really knows.
Can count to 10, when she feels like it
Makes the best cheesy faces ever
Don't know what she would do with out her thumb- she loves both of them so very much!
Has so many little friends and fans at school
Even though she can also be a total turkey and hit and push and bite. (not that often though)
She has the most intense personality of the family, she loves to laugh, she loves to cry, she loves to bring the drama, and we all love her so very very much.  I can't believe my baby is officially no longer a baby :(
Your mama, daddy and big sister all love you so very much Izzy J!

picture coming soon- haven't even taken it yet! she's currently at "tea" with her grammy for mothers day :)

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