Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Izzy's Elmo Party

Few highlights from Izzy's Elmo bday party.
Please note that Izzy barely even watches Elmo, yet she insisted on a "Blue Elmo" party
So here it is!
 I'm obsessed with making these Martha Stewart puff balls (guess they're called pom poms. Whatevs)
This particular combo is perfect for 4th of July- too bad I haven't figured out a way to store them...

An outtake from her mini-photoshoot (that was taken after I woke her up for her party!)
Skirt was a little short..... had to add some pants!
Its really hard trying to get a decent family picture...

We played with bubbles...
Greeting her friends!
Little bit of thumb sucking here and there...
Practicing the blow toy (we call them butterfly tounges)
Enjoying a piece of candy from the pinata, that mommy had to eventually just pull open on dump the candy out of 
Fancy Elmo cupcakes from my friend Stephanie's Hey There, Cupcake

Singing "Happy Birthday" and blowing out the candles! (had to move inside since it was so windy outside!)

We opened presents after everyone left.  We learned the hard way with Jessica's 2nd bday that present opening can get reeeeeeeeeeeeeallly crazy with a bunch of 2 year olds
Love her cheesy face when she's showing off some of her gifts to her Papa (Grandpa Adams, my dad)
The chaos after opening all the presents
Tried to keep it a mellow party, didn't go overboard or stress the details that much.
Izzy had a great time and loved every minute.
It was perfect :)

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