Saturday, May 7, 2011

KRAP Wine Review

I have a group of girlfriends- we all know each other because our husbands/ex-boyfriends grew up together.
There are four of us: Kat (me), Rema, Alexa, Paula.  
We decided to form a wine group- basically a book group with out the books.
We get together every other month or so and drink wine, eat delicious food, gossip, etc.
Pretty fabulous
We decided to call ourselves the KRAP wine club with the initials of our name, because it was too perfect.
We get a kick out of it, anyway.
SO anyways, for my 30th birthday, the gave me 12 bottles of wine- one for each month of my 30th year!
I decided to do a brief review of each one for their (and your) reading pleasure.
Not that I'm a expert at ALL when it comes to wine.
I just enjoy drinking it.
I call myself a wine contrapanuer (ever told you that story?)

So here is the first wine- was supposed to be done in April and I DID drink it in April, April 29th and 30th to be exact.
Apothic Red
(A for April- from Paula.

A blend of red wines (sorry, lost my notes so I can't remember which ones)

I give it a B+

I had this wine before with my KRAP friends. I believe it was when our assignment was to find a bottle of red wine that began with A (for Alexa's bday) (don't you like our assignments? We're not that serious) I enjoyed the wine, but it had a hint of that thing I don't really care for in my reds.  I was thinking it was berry, but when I finally cheated and read the back I saw- hint of VANILLA. That was TOTALLY it. No wonder it was so framiliar- but who would have thought of vanilla in wine?
Now, I love me some vanilla. Ice cream especially, and cookies- yum. But not in my wine.  I really prefer dry wines.  For someone who loves sweets, I'm not sure why this is, but I am a dry wine lover.  And I'm happy to finally have figured out the "sweetness" in certain wines I was not a fan of.  Now I can sound all fancy at resturants when ordering wine- "please make sure I get a wine with no hints of vanilla".  Hahaha.  Ha.

Ok, so that sums up my first monthly KRAP Wine Review :)

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