Sunday, May 29, 2011

Izzy's in gymnastics, too!

About a month after Jessica started gymnastics, Izzy & I started up a Mommy & Me gymnastics class.  I did the same with Jessica, starting when she was a lot younger, and was really excited to do it again with Miss Izzy J.   Both of their classes are on Saturday morning, and now they are at the same time.  So I drop Jess off then Izzy and I start our class.  We get out 15 minutes earlier than Jessica's class, so I still get to watch some (and our classes are held in the same gymnasium so I can be watching almost the whole time).  Of course, this doesn't leave me much wiggle room with getting pictures!  Luckily, one Saturday Steve had the morning free (he usually goes to jiu jitsu on Saturday mornings) so I armed him with the camera
Here are pics of Izzy's class:
Before hand, both girls staring a little girl throwing a fit in the backround. Probably picking up tips....
 During the begining "warm up" it takes Izzy about half the time before she even gets down to participate.  Stinker
 And then when she is down, I'm the one doing all the work (we were supposed to be skating.  Don't I look like I could be the next Nancy Kerrigan?)
 Jessica and her class warm up with us- look at Jessica go!
 Then Izzy decided she wanted Daddy to do the class with her- so we did a little switch-a-roo

 After warm ups its off to do bar work! (don't know if thats the official lingo...)

 She basically just took a nose dive over these things she was supposed to be jumping over....

 Totally blurry picture, but you get the idea of the set up...
 and instead of walking on the bars, Izzy just wanted to post right there in the middle
 Best part is the foam pit!
 ANd what I really wanted to get a picture of most of all- Izzy walking in line with her hands behind her back. Its so cute when she does it all on her own, but of course she only does it 10% of the time.  So glad I got a picture!

 Waiting for stamps- she gets them on both hands AND feet.  Pretty lucky gal.....
We'll see if Izzy stays in gymnastics for long, but for right now I'm loving the mommy/Izzy time we get!

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