Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have a group of scrapbooking friends.  It all started with some of the other moms at my preschool who also scrapbooked. We decided to get together one evening to scrap and eat and drink and have a good time. We decided that it was fun and we had to do it again.  So we did.  Again and again. Then cousins and friends and etc joined, so now we're a decent sized group of fun fun ladies who like to scrapbook.
Its hard to get together as often as we would like, and I haven't even been to one in MONTHS
But I digress.
Anyways, these ladies are all mommies, with growing families.
I had seen it done somewhere before, and I had participated in making albums like this in the past, so I got the gals together to make a baby album for our pregger friends (did that sentence make any sense?)
We each got assigned a month or two, given the directions to leave space for 4 - 5 pictures and some journaling, and to stick with whatever color scheme we were doing on that album.
Its been so fun, but its sadly been the only scrapbooking I've been doing.  (Besides my PoTD album)
We are on our third baby mama right now, and all have had or are having girls.  I need someone to have a boy so I can make a boy page....
Anyways, I was excited by this layout. Nothing amazing, I was just proud of myself for using my scrap paper for the majority, and I also love pink & green combo.
Thought I would share, and thought that if I do share maybe that will inspire me to scrapbook even more so I can share even more! Ha! We'll see how that turns out...

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  1. how sweet of you! that is an awesome gift! great job! you haven't done it in months...I haven't in YEARS :( Maybe next time you have a scrap night, invite me? ha ha. I'm really shy as you can tell