Thursday, July 30, 2009

Could make a quesedilla with all this cheese....

I wrote this last week, but its something I've been thinking a lot about recently. Just this morning, watching Jessica explain to me why she wasn't listening, I got all teary eyed knowing that I may not remember this particular moment forever. I love her little voice, the way she reasons, and I hate that I can't just keep it in a little safe to go and look at whenever I want.
So yes, its really cheesy, but so true.

I really wish I could freeze moments and come back to them whenever I wanted. I know its cheesy, but so true. I can take a picture (and boy do I!) but its not the same. Its not the same as smelling, feeling, seeing, being.

Izzy is already growing too fast. And we have all these precious little moments that I want to hold on to and never forget. I've already forgotten a lot of those moments that I had with Jessica. Obviously I remember the important ones, the funny ones, but I can't just go back and experience it again. And there are those everyday moments, that just happen. Waking up in the morning, watching Izzy stretch her cubby little arms. Jessica laying on her tummy reading books, or her big eyes as she tells you a story. Those are the Moments I don't ever want to forget. I wish there was a way to just hold on to them. Until then, I guess I'll try to cherish every second I have with my girls when they're little

A few moments I'm loving now:

Izzy talking to her daddy.

Izzy rocking her "Party at my Crib" Onesie/outfit (that her sister wore at 9 months!)
And all her tunka tubbers!

My view of Izzy's rolls when I'm nursing- count em, 1,2,3,4. Could you die?

Jessica has become SUCH a daddy's girl
Love this shot of her, wearing her "heels" and carrying her purse
at the airport to pick up Greg & Anne

Just playing outside. Love that I captured her expression right after she pulled the bucket off her head. Just perfect

Right before we left for the airport to pick up Greg & Anne
Dressed in their nice dresses
Izzy with a ridiculously big, but oh so cute flower on her head

Oops! Did it twice. Don't feel like erasing it. Its cute :)

Izzy sitting on Daddy's lap so that Mommy can get a break
Eating lunch and reading the paper

Chillin in the sling with Mommy. Look at all that drool! And those cheeks, they kill me!

There are so many more moments, and I obviously can't take pictures of them all (and even then, I can never get around to scrapbooking them all!)
Just realizing how easy it is to forget, and trying to cherish every moment
Ok, cheesiness is done :)


  1. how sweet. great everyday pics. love the bucket. the rolls KILL ME!

  2. you should share more of that cheese by learning how to post videos, i'd love to hear how jessica's language skills are progressing.

  3. YAY for the cutie heads!! They are so sweet. As for posting pics from your phone, here's what I did: when in blogger like you're going to post, go to the settings tag, in there go to the e-mail & mobile tab. Secion titled Posting Options and then you have to create an e-mail address and then send your pic msgs to that address. Hope this helps!

  4. awww... you have such a beautiful family!