Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Official Announcement

For those of you reading this who know my dad, you know how he gets a little excited about things. He started doing this Ace Bigelow pretend character when Steve and I got engaged and he puts them in the town newspaper. Pretty funny....... just thought I'd share the article that will accompany (sp?) the engagement picture I took.
Anne Maher Engaged to Greg Adams:
Against the opulent backdrop of evening pyrotechnics provided by the local citizens, Greg Adams proposed to Ms. Anne Maher of Cedar Rapids on the 4th of this month in Grand Mound. Accepting Greg’s proposal, Anne was presented with the heirloom pre-Tolkowsky cut legacy diamond, first given by Mathias Adams, Greg’s Great Grandfather, to Great Grandmother Effie Seamer on a similar late summer evening in 1919.
Anne, daughter of Lynne and Dave Maher, favorite granddaughter of Elmer & Dorothy Hasenmiller, and Jean Maher, all of Grand Mound, is a University of Iowa graduate working in Cardiovascular Telemetry at St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids. Asked if the proposal came as a surprise, her eyes sparkled when she laughed “He knows it’s my favorite day of the year, but I think my first response may have been Shut UP! Just then there was a pretty loud explosion, so he didn’t exacctly hear what I said. It was just perfect!”
Greg, currently finishing his summer internship with CAPLEXDevice Group LLC, is grandson of Mildred Thompson of Story City, Ray Adams of DeWitt, and son of Roberta and Steve Adams, rural DeWitt.
The fab couple later boarded a flight to a secret Pacific Coast hideaway north of the Baja. According to their publicist, they’re taking a well earned break from an exhausting summer social schedule to hang with pals Kathryn and Steve Post at the beach, catch some of the biggest waves of the summer, and learn to build castles in the sand with Izzy and Jessica.
Nobody has more fun than these two lovebirds, except maybe Matty & Effie that summer in 1919, don't you think?
It looks to this reporter like it could be the next big step in a long and beautiful relationship.
Stay tuned!
This is raconteur, bon vivant and dilettante social reporter, Ace Bigelow, undercover at an undisclosed location in a cornfield near DeWitt.


  1. That is so cute! I love the article and the pen name.

  2. Kat, this is too too funny. And just classic Mr. A--I can almost hear your dad saying these words!!

  3. I love it! I wish I had a dad like this! :)