Sunday, July 19, 2009

A few favorites.......

A few of my favorite pictures this past week or two:

Izzy's first fieldtrip! We went to the Legoland Aquarium and she did really well!

This was actually taken on Fathers Day on our point and shoot. Forgot to upload it. Too cute!

Love this picture of Jessica and Izzy looking at each other. Such a sweet sisters picture

I played around with it, the color and everything, but uploaded the wrong one. =/ Sorry!

Could I have captured a bigger smile??? I LOVE this picture. I had to put the camera to the side of my face, so she's looking at me, when I took the pic. She gets confused with the big lens in her face and won't give her Big Izzy Smile

I'm going to just print this out on 8 x 11 and just pop it in her scrapbook! Simple!

Click it to read the journaling I wrote on it.

I was just tripping out over how well she's holding herself up all of the sudden- she's growing up too fast already!!!!

This was taken on our Perfect Sunday. Love hand holding pictures. I need to put it on a page with some Daddy Quote or something. Any suggestions, scrappy friends?

Love her tubbers! I'm going to be doing a post on Cloth Diapers eventually, so I've been trying to get more pictures of her just in her dipes. Cute!

Playing around with the settings on my camera. Just figured out how to change things thanks to my friend Marisa

I know that she's going to find a finger eventually, don't you think?

oops, posted it twice. Sorry. Cute sisters pic again ;)

Just hanging out on the couch. Love capturing these moments. Izzy feel asleep nursing and Jessica came over to check it out. Sweetness. Especially when Jessica doesn't wake Izzy up......

Check out how Izzy holds herself up! I was impressed......

Love how it looks like she's laughing. And I swear I've heard the beginings of laughter....

Another double post, but this time w/out the black border. Hmmm, which do you prefer?

Cuteness! And don't you love the diaper she has on? One of the only girly girl diaper I got. Love it!


  1. Izzy is SO sweet! And I was thinking how much I loved that diaper...and then you even mentioned it! :)

  2. Wow, what a bunch of boring pictures. Your kids aren't even that cute. So uh...good luck with that.

  3. ok, that was posted by my brother chris, being a turd.......didn't think you'd actually post that, chris!!!

  4. Can't believe how fast Izzy is growing!! Continue sending the pictures. Love, Nana