Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Isabella's 2 Month

First, I have to point out how cool the date is of your 2 month birthday is; 07-08-09

You are off the charts for weight- 15lbs 15ozs at your 2 month appointment the day before. And since you gain about an ounce a day, that puts you at exactly 16 pounds on your 2 month. The average size of a six month old

You are in the 75% for height- 23 inches. You've already grown 3 inches!

You are a high maintence baby!

We figured out a little after your one month that you were colicky. Doctor put you on medicine for acid reflux and that helped

You still spit up a LOT

You have the best, biggest smile that you show us all the time.

You love to smile at mommy, and now at daddy and your big sister, too

You are a squeaker! You also snort alot. Hope you grow out of that.......

The longest you have ever slept in your bassinet was last night- 5 whole hours! The rest of the time you sleep with mommy

But you did give mommy 6 strait hours of sleep once

You've already been on your first roadtrip- to Pismo Beach for Mommy's friend Amelia's wedding

You usually take one long nap in your swing in the morning. Usually

Thats about it for naps anywhere but on mommy, or sometimes daddy

Like I said, high maintence!

Your big sister LOVES you, and thinks everything you do is hilarious. But I'm not sure she enjoys how much attention you get.....

You wake up 1 - 3 times a night. 1 time a night makes mommy the most happy

You wear 6 - 9 month clothing

We're all loving the cloth diapers- much easier than I thought they would be!

You still have dark hair- and we all can't wait to see if it stays dark or lightens up!

You have beautiful blue eyes

You can hold your head up for a pretty long time- and you love to push off of mommy's lap to show how you can stand!

You're our favorite baby Isabella- Your mommy, daddy and sister love you so so much!


  1. LOVE that last collage! She is way too cute.. I can see some of Jessica in her but she kinda has her own look!

  2. super cute pictures! so funny that she snorts. love the new blog!!

  3. love your new blog. Seriously need to start blogging again!