Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Bro!!!!!

Its my youngest brother Greg's birthday today
The one who just got engaged
and was just visiting us
Yep, its him
I haven't called him to wish him happy birthday yet
Cause really, he's not much of a phone talker
and really, this is the first time all day I've been able to sit down
I'm doing one better
A Blog Post
Greg rocks
He's so laid back and mellow
yet really funny and very sarcastic
He does the BEST impression of my dad
and Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air
He always is willing to help out
Even when I'm being a bit bossy
He never complains
and will give you an opinoin if you ask for it
Sometimes he's too honest
But thats only if you ask for it
He's a stand up guy, really. Anne (his fiance) is a lucky girl
Happy Birthday Little Bro!
I love you!
Cause who wouldn't love a dude who goes on a preschoolers
fieldtrip to the beach and makes sandcastles?
And I especially love you because you posed for this picture:
Yeah, we had to wait until all the little kids were done taking their pictures
And Greg was acting like he was super embarassed
and I had to physically PUSH him to get him over there
but he busted out an awesome pose

He also rode the train

oh yes, you're a pretty awesome uncle, too ;)

Again, Happy Happy Birthday Dude!

your favoritest big sister
Kat :)
Steve, Jessica & Izzy

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