Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jessica's Isms

It seems the more she talks, and the better she gets at it- the cuter it sounds!

so I'm really into these collages on Picasa 3. They aren't all that fabulous, and I'm not sure what I would do with them, but I'm having fun-and its easier/faster way to post lots of pictures! All these pictures have been taken in the past month of Jessie K

Some of my favorite of her "isms"

"actually........" gotta love being corrected by a 2 year old.

"I love you too!" the sweetest words a parent can hear

how she always using the hands to talk- it kills me!

"Can i be 'scusooooooeds?" (excused) gotta teach the girl some manners!

"What are we having for dinner tonight?" cause really, what can she do about it?

"Isabellllllllllla" (big emphasis on the L sound)

"Its Tea Party Time!!!!" before pouring her tea party basket all out on the floor

"I just want a little snack" all. day. long

"I just want a feel better" (fruit leather- i have no idea why she calls it that!)

"'Cause I don't want to" well, thats a good enough reason for me!

Her variations on being a turkey: turkey dinner, turkey leftovers, turkey pot pie, etc.............

"Lets rock and roll!"

How she sings constantly

She knows the entire alphabet, the months of the year, the days of the week, and the pledge of allegiance!

.....and its so cute when she sings take me out to the ball game. oh heck, who am i kidding? its cute to me when she sings anything!

"I don't know" when asked anything- then its quickly followed by her answer.....

Or how about when I told her we don't say crap, its not a nice word, and she says

"But I want to say oh crap!"

then I tell her its a timeout word

so now i hear "we don't say oh craaaaaaaaaap" (kinda in a sing songy questiony way)

or that she just said all the letters in her name as i sit here and type this!!!!! (j-e-s-s-i-c-aaaaaaaa, again in a sing songy voice)

MAN! this little girl kills me!


  1. I'm speechless! That is so cute! cute! cute! cute! i like how you use " this is a timeout word." she is so smart!... jakayla

  2. I love it... she will adore seeing all these small moments that parents always forget over time. She may hate you for it when she's thirteen and be embarrassed but she'll love it when she's older.