Monday, July 6, 2009


So apparently there was this new and improved way to Blog and only a few bloggers got invited. I was not one of them. So, to use the new and improved way, I had to start this new blog!
Since I've been wanting to do more of a family blog, thought might as well be now! So Welcome to Post Its'- Our Family's Happenings! (HA! don't you love the play on words? Never gets old.........)
Anyways, this will just be a combo of my first two blogs; The Fabulous Life of Me and what was formerly known as Expecting Baby Post with a little bit of hubby Mr. Steve in here as well!
Thanks for visiting!


  1. what is the new and improved way???? and why do you have to start a new one? cute baby girl!

  2. Love the new blog! Looking forward to hearing about even more Posts!
    lots of love,

  3. the new way started in november of 2006, and both of my blogs were started before then. no html or whatever codes (those confused me!). it has a drag and drop way to design it. much much easier......