Sunday, July 12, 2009

You Know you're a Mommy when............

This post is inspired by my bloggy/scrappy friend Darcy. She recently did a "You Know You're a Mom When..." and it made me laugh. It also reminded me of a list I did when I was about 22 called "You know you're an adult when" and at the top of that list was "when you get excited to buy new appliances." ;)

Anyways, Darcy is an awesome scrapbooker, talented photographer, and most important- an amazing mom. She is also a hilarious blogger. She has two gorgeous daughters the same age as Jessica and Izzy- we only wish we lived closer so we could have awesome playdates and scrap sessions! Check her out here: More Left Unseen

Now, here is my list:
You Know You're a Mommy When:

You get really good at doing things with one hand (typing, cooking, dishes, etc) while nursing or holding the baby in the other
You fantasize about what you can get done when/if the baby falls asleep; Laundry, dishes, cleaning………
You take longer showers (even though we’re in a drought) because it’s the ONLY. TIME. ALL. DAY that you are 100% child free (this includes going to the bathroom)
Seeing your child laugh is the best thing in the whole world
You have to remember that not everyone wants to hear about every. Single. Cute thing your babies do
You are so happy to have digital cameras now, ‘cause otherwise you’d be broke with how many pictures you take!
You’ve never found your hubby sexier than when he is being a dad
You don’t mind being pooped on, peed on, or spit up on. Eh, a day in the life……
You find yourself spending enormous amount of time and energy on ridiculous things just to make your babies happy
You could stare at their sweet little faces all day long
No one knows how to frustrate you more than your babies- and you’ve never had as much patience for anyone else
You get up early on your day off so you can get stuff done- and you like it!
Late is 11pm (man, in the college days thats when we went out!)
You start quoting cartoons, and know the theme song to Dora & Elmo
You don’t think its weird when discussing poop with your hubby (about your baby’s poop, of course)
You start to think that a mini-van may actually be pretty cool……….
and Steve's contibution:
Your wife starts a “you know you’re a parent when” list
Anyone else have some good onesI should add?


  1. Hmmm, suddenly you do a countdown for your children's birthdays instead of your own? Or do you still do that? ;)

  2. ha, no- i still do my countdowns! they just aren't as exciting. and jessica wouldn't have understood a countdown- maybe this year? her parties are bigger than mine though........